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Foreclosure Process In California

Reference URL: http://tinyurl.com/m7pz53c Recent Court Case of Interest: http://www.occupycorporatism.com/big-bank-fail-judge-rules-foreclosure-unconstitutional/ I have some friends who's homes may benefit from this court case. UPDATE MARCH... Read more

Dealing With Buyer's Remorse

This is an excellent short video reminding buyer's and seller's agents how to deal with Buyer's Remorse. I especially like the suggestion of bringing the buyer back into the home after the purchase to "bond" with the purchase.   Dealing With Buyer's Re... Read more

Protecting Yourself Against Rental Fraud

This video is useful in demonstrating the vast on-line rental fraud rings and how they work: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/t/video/ghost-rentals-20161202 (1) How to know who is the real owner of the property. (2) What are the chances of a scam? Answe... Read more

Seven Factors Affecting Private Business Value

Seven Factors Affecting Private Business Value by My Highly Regarded Friends at MCM Capital In our prior article titled, “How to Estimate the Value of a Private Business”, we discussed the mechanics of estimating Enterprise Value by utilizin... Read more

A Hero's Journey

How I spent my summer vacation in my Junior year in high school by David Adair... a great story that will even make you laugh... https://youtu.be/e5nJA8Hkvyc David's story is a refreshing incredible self-told story of a hero's journey. He'... Read more


The purpose of this letter is to explain how lenders decide the terms and conditions they offer borrowers and to discuss some of the differences in how various lenders do business. This information, along with an understanding of your financial situation... Read more

QHHT Session Extract by Dolores Cannon

This extract from Chapter 24 "The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge," by Dolores Cannon ... Fair Use Example: I picked this extract from a larger actual Case Study from thousands of Dolores Cannon cases from her 20 books, all of which I have re... Read more

Escrow Services in California

ESCROWS IN CALIFORNIA BUSINESS SALE TRANSACTIONS Business Sale Escrow In California, for smaller business sale-purchase transactions, it is common to have an escrow agent serve as a neutral holder of funds and documents, communications link and closing... Read more

Allocating Purchase Price - Asset Sales -

PRICE ALLOCATION CONSIDERATIONS ON ASSET SALES by my friends at BizBen When buying and selling a business in California, there is the not so little matter of paying sales tax. Yes, sales tax when buying a business, just like you would pay sales tax on a... Read more
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