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Rich Buckley

Rich Buckley Realty
Licensed in California
   DRE# 00336569
411 South L St.,
(Office Facing Rear of Parking)
Livermore, CA 94550-4434
Ofc.: 925-443-1122
Cel:  925-216-4378
Fax: 925-215-2058
Email: RichBuckley7@gmail.com
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$24,000,000 For Sale

20 South L Street
Livermore, CA 94550

Mixed Use
Property Photo


I am available for consulting only on this particular property and/or available for strategic development guidance , representing buyers directly with the City. Price shown ($24-million) is a reflection of estimate of value that inflates with time, for a public resource only. The property is owned by the City of Livermore. This is not listed for sale by my company.

This is mostly in the 'Subarea 2' of the Downtown Specific Plan Core Area

Basically I have been married to the property shown above through either a marriage of convenience or a marriage of inconvenience depending on how one chooses their perspective. My history on this property goes back many decades. My family owns adjoining land and buildings...not much...but there we are... and our interest always seems to hook onto the above land owned by the City. Indeed, we used to own a large chunk of the property we sold to the Southern Pacific Development Company who then built out the old (now removed) Lucky Shopping Center. Since I am in the real estate business, the family responsibly fell upon me to take care of OUR property somewhat, this requires me to be active and knowledgeable as best I can, on our surroundings. Thus over the decades, I have been everything from leasing agent for the adjoining Old Lucky Shopping Center Site (Subject Property) for the former owners of the above land, to sometimes-activist in our local community when horrible development plans were put forward (in my humble opinion) by a consortium of city officials and former city council persons, who while having the community's interest in mind, mistakenly tried ramming through development scenarios violating the higher trust owed to us locally, i.e., violating their promise to seek and coordinate local community input before proceeding. Their violation of the higher duty seemed aggressive and arrogant to everyone's detriment. I strive to remain reasonably in tune therefore, with planning, political thinking, and most importantly community preferences on the above shown Subject Property. Hence respectively, I offer to now to consult developers and/or buyers to help structure development plans that work among all vested interests, and do it with transparency. This obviously ties into my own family holdings so I care greatly what happens on the Subject Property. We do not expect to be the tail that wags the dog in planning matters but we do care greatly on how the city owned property is developed. Most of the family was, for example, very supportive of the local community activists' plan shown above, with the attractive element of abundant open space, hotel, and much improved parking over anything offered up by the consortium.

Price shown is a reflection of estimate of value for a public resource only and inflates with time. The property is owned by the City of Livermore. This is not listed for sale by my company.

See also adjoining listing of Rich Buckley. Development Consulting Services


  • Acquired For Redevelopment: Land Value set by City based on acceptable development layout
  • Sub Type: Mixed Use Res./Com.

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