How I spent my summer vacation in my Junior year in high school by David Adair... a great story that will even make you laugh... 

David's story is a refreshing incredible self-told story of a hero's journey. He's sparked into a great adventure, travels to seek out and conquer, meets his nemesis, prevails over the evil nemesis, then returns home a survivor humble and purified.

I love Adair's attitude throughout his talk. I've researched this stuff through multiple sources for obvious reasons, including actual newspaper articles on David as a youngster. It's all true as amazing as it sounds. 

What's relaxing to listen to is a humble country charm quality carried in his voice throughout his story. A voice of individual freedom and innocence. 

Interestingly, the engine David describes would be the very size and sort of engine that would likely have driven the same size UFO I encountered  as a young Marine pilot, and about the same time.  I bet my government eventually shot down the one I encountered.