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CURRENT CONSULTING BASE RATE                $185 per hour.  

We sell small Mom and Pop - Main Street America Businesses. We serve you both as consultant and/or agent. When you think about selling, relocating, financing and expanding, or even closing your business, please take a look at our website below. We save you time and money. All fees are negotiated and capped, based on the level of contract work we are hired to perform.  You probably have never heard about us because we are often on the sidelines hidden from view when it serves your interest to do so. References available upon request.

Small Business Sales Consulting -    


Hiring me as a consultant should save you a lot of money if you already have a Buyer or believe with my help you can do some of the showing and selling work yourself, being careful you do not expose yourself to legal liability.  We set a price and strategy with you. I pre-qualify prospective buyers and you do the initial showing or you pay me to show for you, which I am happy to do. You get to see all the inquiries, qualified or other. I utilize my Real Estate Brokerage License #00336569 to write the contracts using standard forms if you want me to..or you hire your attorney to write up the contract, or I refer you over to an attorney if you chose. Under my consulting contracts, you do not need to adopt me, you can thank me for whatever we generate and give me 24 hour notice of termination by email and take it from there to your own experts.

Many customers have me write up the sales contracts replete with disclosures, after they do the negotiating with buyers I send them. You pay for the advertising which runs $250+ per month minimum and up. I require a upfront marketing expense budget of $2,000 to get top flight on line exposure and buyer inquiries rolling in for us to consider. There are no guarantees. It usually works.  We agree on ad costs before I publish them. I cap my consulting hours for you in writing before I start. I have never used the consulting approach on Multi-million dollar sales. Instead it's always been applied to the very low end markets. I consider the low end business sales, those sales where the enterprise value (not including the inventory) is under $1/2-million. The benefit to you is to reduce your selling costs. The disadvantage is when you waste time trying to get too much for your business, you blow money on marketing and false hopes. You can always have your business appraised. It's usually $2,500 and up. The appraiser will provide (or should provide) comparable selling prices of similar businesses in the region showing key ratios such as Discretionary Income to Sale Price, Sale Price to Gross Sales... a couple of ratios I like a lot when we can find them...

Other clients hiring me just seem to want me to negotiate with their landlord to get a fair set of rental terms. Others want to get the business prepared for sale and advise them if I think the business is not worth selling. Often a business will fetch more by selling off parts and terminating your lease.

If you own the real estate and want to keep it after selling your business I also manage commercial property and will provide additional management based on agreement with you after the sale if you wish. How much can you save? Probably 50% of typical selling costs since I cap my hours after a price and strategy are set.


Business Buyers sometimes bring me their business purchase contracts to review and evaluate. They are about to sign a purchase and just want a second opinion. Their question is usually "What am I missing?"  Or, "Please look over the attached lease for me." 

Other business professionals who own their real estate, sell their business through other sources and come to me to negotiate a fair lease with their business buyers. Often this is because I helped them acquire the property.

I'm asked to look over work of other CABB agents and non-CABB agents. When you ask me to do that, my name, and company, and review of their work must be kept confidential just between you and me should you act on the information that I provide you. Also I am not a legal or tax expert. I understand a number of tax issues by virtue of experience and some higher education but I do not practice taxes or tax consulting. I use my own tax consultant for my own work because tax codes are always changing. I'm more of a a CNBC "Shark Tank" panelist or CNBC "The Profit" - Marcus Lemons, helping you find the strategic answer to balance the structuring of a deal, while working behind the scenes privately, with you.

Guiding you to financing. Dealing with SBA lenders is easy. The hard part is picking the right lender.

My consulting rate is $185 per hour plus expenses and travel per diem of $375 per day.

Travel billed at business-class rates.

I keep a log of my time for you and bill bi-weekly. Invoices are due 7 days from your date of receipt please. 

Advance partial payment to cover my initial costs and a formalized consulting agreement is created for your approval so we are both on the same page.

I depend heavily on email to conduct consulting work.

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