(Credit to David Echlier for his sound guidelines)

Due Diligence / Assessment

I carefully choose our development projects with a combination of local industry knowledge, risk analysis, and responsiveness to changing market trends. I have a list of development steps that I follow, honed from my experience, but I also arrange for senior management teams that include persons with appropriate skills and experience. I know how to select sites and to acquire those sites to turn big opportunities into even bigger returns. The assembled team, then conducts a comprehensive due diligence analysis by evaluating the following aspects of the targeted property:

  • Financial Feasibility and Economic Analysis
  • Environmental Investigation
  • Budget Development
  • Geo-technical Site Assessment
  • Entitlement Assessment
  • Value Engineering
  • Site Plan and Conceptual Development
  • Market Analysis

Site Selection / Assessment

Pinpointing the exact right site is usually a matter of community wide analysis to find a competitive niche and market timing. Market crashes are investor acquisition opportunities. Markets always over build eventually, banks always tend to over lend eventually. Sound analysis is therefore critical in financing in competitive markets.

Entitlement Process

I work with the industry’s best architects, lawyers, consultants, and engineers to assist with design, zoning and code requirements. Sometimes you need the whole team and sometimes you need a specific expert. I know the difference and will assemble the right, project-specific team. The process may include evaluation of: zoning variances; use permits; road approvals; community outreach and education; governmental relations; public hearings; document preparation; issue management; and stakeholder outreach and negotiations. The assembled development team then uses relationships with local government officials and area residents to create a project that fits within the community to maximize expediency while minimizing conflict.

Product Selection / Design

To best manage the product selection and design process, I engage specialists and experts as needed, including industry-leading architects and design consultants. We conduct extensive research to understand the dynamics of the property location, the demographic profile, and local market conditions to determine the best design. I actively tap my property management expertise, to anticipate needs and meet expectations.. I strive to make our buildings eco-friendly and to incorporate the latest trends and technological advancements. During the design process, I always try to create the feeling of home for our residents by providing desirable living experiences both inside their living space and in the amenities within their community.

Construction Management

Providing clients with construction management services during all stages of the development and construction process is a vital role. I bring in top construction managers as needed. Starting in-depth plans, engineering, and specifications is a vital first step in delivering flawless construction results. 

Asset Management

I am proficient and well-practiced at managing and operating multifamily real estate assets. Most of my investors are small to medium size investors.

Dispositions / Sales

In my life my partners and I have managed, developed and sold in the order of magnitude of $15-Billion in market values across California. When you walk in to my office, I believe there is a reason for us to meet and regardless of how small your project or housing need may be, to me it is a most important moment of my life.