Community Group's Beautiful Plan for Downtown Livermore Update July 28, 2016. This is a great plan by the Livermore Community Group volunteers. We can only hope the city will listen. No one is speaking in favor of the Lennar Builders plan... nor should they IMHO. Read the archives for July 28, 2016 at The Independent Newspaper for letters to the editor all against the Lennar plan.


Some good ideas are coming in from other voices for downtown parking, concepts that include: (a) Distibuted Parking (b) Bike and Pedestrian Access, (c) Lighting and Lightly Landscaped Pedestrian Walks. The city should take a look at alternative residential layouts and not just jump on the first iteration that bubbles up. We need to look at a lot of alternatives and be sensitive to shopper profiles and parking habits. Why call shoppers "lazy" and make them walk long distrances, when the result is they won't shop for convenience items? Food chain anchor tenants appreciate these consummer nuances. We need to also learn their importance. There seems to be a difference between shopping and entertainment parking needs that our city council needs to consider. Here's one iteration of layout that distributes parking paid for in part by the sale of land to developers that distributes parking where its needed: