"There is no doubt that we are dealing with beings who are capable of reading, by both telepathic and conventional means, our true intentions and motivations, and who can sense the “spirit of our endeavor.” Success, therefore, requires the spirit of our endeavor be one of scientific openness― the search for truth, altruism, selflessness, harmlessness and non-covetousness. A desire for the peaceful furtherance of the ETI-Human relationship is paramount. For these reasons, “purity of motive” on the part of human researchers and investigators is a primary requisite while specific skills, expertise and technology are secondary considerations. The breadth and clarity of our consciousness is imperative and transcends all else. In this regard, it is likely that a novice possessed of noble intentions and equipped with only a flashlight would meet (and has met) with greater success than a governmental agency motivated by lesser intentions, even though it has advanced technology, personnel and billions of dollars at its disposal. Indeed, an aboriginal with only a bonfire may go further in the establishment of communication and the discovery of truth."  From his book, "Unacknowledged"