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CSETI - Our Best Path For Peaceful Planetary Change. --                                            Learning CE-5 Protocols                                                  (By a former US combat fighter pilot -Vietnam)                                 

Even top elected offices aren't told. Several US Presidents have been denied access. But you can help change all that as a member of the Volunteer Civilian ET Personal Ambassador team. Be the change. 

Just because they hold a high military rank of an official government department title, means little in gaining access to Unacknowledged Special Access Classified Programs. These illegal, embedded government criminal enterprises are the metastasized modern manifestation of which President Eisenhower warned us, the “military industrial complex.” They steal money from other departments.  They claim threatening immunity from forensic audits, lie about it, prevent audit access through intimidation, through blackmail and when necessary through murder, to keep secret, their unconstitutional operations. Many $Trillions go unaccounted. We all know this to be true, already.


In the etheric Hall of Records hangs the eternal Living Tapestry overseen by its helpful guardian. The cycle of truth woven into the great tapestry resonating with our destiny, appears now on God's heavenly loom to manifest Earth's glowing, shimmering thread. The record is cast. The thread is woven. The hidden becomes revealed. What was taken is returned a thousand-thousand-fold. The heresy, hated and feared, is forgiven and found true without judgment. Love blooms as our collective mind is "one".  The eternal light finds itself resident once more in our hearts. Religion survives while being transformed and is forgiven for its countless errors as the positive logos of spirit awakens each soul. Humanity transcends. There is knowing.


Dr. Steven Greer, MD has been briefing US Presidents, Head's of State, and military chiefs on the Deep State, the split-away civilization, free energy, and ET contact for several decades back to the Jimmy Carter Era. For several of my own reasons  I have come to concur with Dr. Greer's peaceful solutions for planetary change  developed not only because he is well informed but primarily because of Dr.  Greer's neutralizing deep spirituality (as compared to polarizing  religiosity) and his commitment to a peaceful bypass and workaround to the always resistant Deep State. I know he has his detractors over his monetizing SiriusDisclosure.Com. That's conditionally acceptable to me. It has not been easy for Greer to remain committed over these many years, often alone, rejected, demonized by Deep State Psy-Ops, ridiculed and threatened... yet here he stands still beaming love. What is important about Greer's spirituality is my shared understanding with him in a vital comment and fundamental proposition Greer uses, that you will hear him eloquently present in his own words:  "What we collectively think and feel determines our collective future." The great secret is, collective meditation effects are real phenomena, significantly vested under humanity's learnable control. 

Dr Greer's full meaning sets his CE-5 Encounter Protocols. What we collectively think, feel and quietly meditate upon in the spirit of love, outweighs the negative 10 to 1 and sets our collective future. "The Total Number of minds in the Universe is One. In Fact, Consciousness is a Singularity phasing within All Beings"... Erwin Schrödinger, Quantum Physicist. One of several effective CE-5 protocols I seem to understand best is referred to as "the remote viewing" channel to contact, done quietly through your mind's eye: Think: "Welcome in peace, love, and mutual respect.  " Visualize Earth's position in the outer arm of Milky Way spiral galaxy. Then zoom in to our solar system and Earth, to your continent,  geographic features, towns and water bodies, right down to the very spot where you are sitting. See yourself and your surroundings as though viewed from above. Perhaps practice zooming in using Google Earth. Your ambassadorial contact is refined over time working with others and becomes unique to you. Now look up into the sky.

The scientific proof of this naive and magical sounding proposition can be found under studies called "The Meditation Effect." (The Effect) The Effect indicates that only 8775 to 9000 souls (the square root of 1% of Earth's Population) meditating "simultaneously" on the same positive future, actually creates that future. It raises the time-line probability of that positive event arriving. The number of global participants in the CSETI group is well above that now and growing at leaps and bounds:  (the global membership roster). Perhaps CSETI is just waiting for a loving personality as your own, with your insights, for Earth 🌏 and all aboard her, to help us all graduate. 

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Perhaps you feel that "Something must be done!"

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Dr. Greer has made many attempts over the past decades and runs into resistance of the Deep State. I sense it was an epiphany of inner sight that brought Greer to conceive his CE-5 protocols. The "political power" to "do something" through this approach of forming a global volunteer civilian ET Ambassadorial Team is on the approximate order of magnitude of the power of 10 for every new member. Do "the something" that matters in peaceful transformation for planetary change: Join the network: 

**In the early 90's my Uncle Archie Buckley, a pretty well known outdoorsman, showed me and others how he was able to call in UFO's...he could tell us to the second when they would arrive over head. He would do a meditation after dark while slowly facing off the four main compass points. Then turn and say something like..."They are over the Himalayas and will be here in 12 and a half minutes."  ... 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...wooosh three lights in bright formation zoom in and spread out in a star burst. The background stars would turn black as the shape of some giant mother ship blocked the starlight. It was freaky awesome. Electronic recording devices kept running but became snowy and grainy. Sleeping bags with rubber mattresses would vibrate and bounce around on the ground. Archie used to do this many years before Dr. Greer independently developed his own CE-5 protocols. When I came across Greer I realized Greer was on to a powerful answer....bypass the Deep State, make direct contact, work to release Zero-Point-Energy.

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