We are guided upon the ancient Christ-centered healing   techniques now ready for sharing. This came through my  regression hypnosis continuing QHHT research. This is from   research in healing from the mysterious Essene Community around 150 BCE to the crucifixion. It has bridging ramifications with modern physics we have yet to understand except to say it is some sort of positive Christ-centered energy management. Your subconscious plays an important role in this process.

Any healing technique filled with Spirit of Grace as described by Christ (to his supporters) need not be ignored. Let it flow.

Mainstream Christianity has yet to undertake a serious study of The Lost Gospels*. This is more than a study, it is the application of ancient secretes distilled from Christ's closest Essene associates, followers and Disciples who helped raise Christ through his childhood and then learned from The Master Teacher himself. 

This information was written out of history in 325 AD during The Council of Nicea who's interest was in forming an organized religion. That religion can now flower into a common way of life in Love and Light, without rigid dogma, while letting the Spirit guide you.

The Essene community was only about 3000 to 4000 persons tops. The main libraries containing their scripts and knowledge were Hebron, Qumran, and Mt Carmel. They reached into Egypt and the Great Library of Alexandra and into the Druid community of the Celts in the tin mines near Cornwall England where Josepth of Arimathea owned tin mines established by his family, supplying the Roman army. Joseph's family was a key financier of the Essenes. The renowned library in Alexandria was indeed considered the best in the world but outside the main Essene community.

This information was retrieved from multiple case studies of souls all of whom happen to have lived as Essenes and worked in raising Jesus or served with Jesus who taught them healing, and how to help prepare individuals for their own personal ascension into an everlasting Light Body in the presence of God (their words not mine). I participated in one of these sessions with a woman who lived a former life in Qumran and also read the accounts of others.

The Secret

The Essene community visionaries developed a network of 9 communities to prepare for the coming of a Master Teacher (Jesus) over a 150 years culminating intentionally with the Crucifixion. Their visionary purpose was to bring forth a Master Teacher who would bring spiritual change and awakening into our world. The Essenes were a layered, secrete community that supported each other on a need-to-know structure in order to protect its greatest purpose (preparing the way for The Master Teacher) from powers that feared them, i. e., the established traditional Jewish community Pharisees and Supreme Law of the Sanhedrin.

A few of the inner core Essenes where Disciples. Mary Magdalen was a highly respected advanced healer and designated to be the main leader and keeper of knowledge after the Crucifixion. She was written out of history by dominant male Jewish traditionalists (what we call Christianity after all, was a breakaway Jewish movement) who could not accept her meritorious authority placed with her directly by Christ.

Go with the Flow

"The simplest way of thinking of the Divine Presence is as the Spirit. Jesus saw a clear difference between the Spirit and the soul. He told us that the soul is good, but limited, whereas the Spirit has no limits or boundaries, and links all beings in the greater Oneness. Jesus said that there are good qualities in the soul, but like reason they were limited and could take us only so far upon our journey. Whereas the Spirit, being one with the Light, contained all within it and was Infinite. Hence he urged us to lay aside the littleness of reason and become Spirit-filled, for when we are full of the Spirit, the whole universe opens to us and all things become possible.

"This message was not well received by all, and many feared to cast themselves adrift upon the sea of Spirit. But Jesus counseled us to be bold and surrender ourselves to Spirit, for though we may not understand its ways it will inspire us to far greater things than reason could ever dream of. So he said, let reason be only your servant to be engaged from time to time when you require work of that level to be done. But let Spirit be your Master, and the Inner Voice to which you constantly pay heed, for Spirit is the Master of us all, and joins us all into one great Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Life (of Love) and Light."

Wow! This is live ancient data written out of history, coming back in during QHHT regression sessions. The women speaking it were in deep Somnambulistic trance living in past lives, working within the Essene community with Jesus. One lived as Joseph of Arimathea, another as Daniel. The Session I happen to participate in, the woman lived in late Qumran caring for children.

With this guiding principle of (let Spirit be your Master) here is how the healers inside the Essene community healed others.

The Final Arrangement

The nine communities had persons who would enter specially arranged healing chambers. Everyone in the communities had their own abilities. Some served as lay members, some as teachers, others as inner core. The healing chambers each had at least one large crystal. In the regression sessions I read, the main crystal glowed purple inside the healing chamber. There were healers and also viewers who could project their consciousness to communicate over larger distances...aided in part by the crystals...sort of remote viewing.

Everything seemed organized on equilateral triangular shapes. The communities in a group of three, then three groups totaling 9 communities. The smallest communities or outposts perhaps only had 20 or 30 people but were placed exactly to create an equilateral balance. I have some maps in the office and when I Google-Earthed an estimated location of the out post where only 20 or 30 persons lived in a remote area, I found a cliff with caves just as expected from the description.

The healers in the healing chambers with their crystals sought the highest form of healing energy we know today as "grace."

If I understand this correctly the triangular equilateral arrangements are the basic building blocks of the Universe and the swirling vortex is the portal door of Christen cosmic energies.

"We were aware that a whole vortex of cosmic energy revolved around Jesus, and that anyone who encountered him stepped into that vortex. That was really the miracle for us. Not that he did this or that remarkable healing, but that his whole being was a focus of cosmic energy, and thus he could bring profound changes into the lives of all those he met who could accept these energies. "

Notice the key words..."who could accept these energies."

So within this framework there is so much to analyze I have to set it all down, take a deep breath and try to remember the main instruction: when in doubt, "let Spirit be your Master."

I use these notions with some success in QHHT Sessions.

*Footnote: Channeler Terry Brown on the Wynn Free BBS Wednesday evening internet radio program also answered this while she was channeling the Elohim. Starting at 38-minutes 16-seconds into this archived recording

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