Evolving Self-Healing Modalities by Rich Buckley March 6, 2017  
"First Lady Suggests People Losing Healthcare  Should Rely on Nature for Cures." What!!? ....

I have tracked the progression of "natural" healing processes in western medicine as a layman. Science came first in my life until I decided to seek truth. Medicine is changing religious beliefs. Spiritual truths are bubbling back to the surface of human consciousness after eons in stasis. Natural self-healing using past life regression is one of the steps emerging from these shifts.

There exists an important spiritual thread with many tributaries of which I highlight only those I've seen that hold the greatest effect. Many tributaries are relevant and too diverse to cover in this brief blog. Natural healing techniques of the great teachers of Asia and Native America shamans are two very important knowledge tributaries I recognize but do not see as the main influence in the river of progress (a status that may change). Instead, the main progression of "natural" healing appears to be tied to the seminal event of an important arranged 1893 western tour of Swami Vivekananda Bengali, Shāmi Bibekānondo; 12 January 1863 -- 4 July 1902, born Narendranath Datta, who was an Indian Hindu monk, a chief disciple of the 19th-century Indian mystic Ramakrishna. Vivikananda's US tour was arranged by American spiritualists who themselves shared deep roots with Russian mystics and various Christian European movements. It is relevant to this summary that I also offer this observation. Mystics and spiritualists throughout the world, by and large, share in a unifying consciousness of authenticity of open heart speaking and thinking, none of which I try to cover here. It is a difficult process of speaking from the heart so that words spoken today ring true tomorrow.

Combined with Vivikananda's tour of the US, western Christianity said hello to the lost roots of Christ Consciousness driven out of mainstream religion by the Organized Church. The spiritual concept of Unity - that we are in reality sparks of the Infinite Intelligence (God)... a spark, not a totality or equal to, but a mere spark unable to even look on the fullness of God without the intercessory help of the Eternal Christ. Spiritualists and mystics make a simple shift to a different perspective when they say God is within.....that we are in The Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and not just observers of the Trinity...the shift being a humble observation that humankind "is" equivalent to "Son" in the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

This of course is a vast and fundamental gap from organized Christian religious teaching that the Trinity at most can only be experienced with The Holy Spirit. We are not taught we are equal to The Son (Christ, Jesus, Christ-Consciousness, Etheric Christ, Eternal Christ), we are not taught that we are the same. Even as Christ himself assures us we are the same, organized religion has not.

The church always restrained the expressions of their enlightened-awakened monks through isolationism, that until recently has kept their writings on the back dusty shelves.

The Swami's tour pushed on that old heavy timber and studded-bolt rusty door that separates Eternal Christ from ourselves, a doorway owned by organized religion. This mystical door in our consciousness was made to creek open. Vivekananda helped us to invite the corrective energy of the Holy Ghost (logos - intelligent energy), into our lives in ways the West has remained blindered for 1700 years.

Medicine was hurling along its bifurcated path by an over-lording arrogance of science. E=MC^2 set science apart after all. Two tracks, one allopathic, the other natural-healing with the allopathic dominating for the next 70 to 80 years beyond Vivekananda's visit to the US.

Then in the early 70's, starting with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 the US expanded its immigration policies. The Hindu migrated west. The Indian government loaned its Head of Households $40,000 per family, interest free, ($272,000 in 2017 dollars) to go forth into the world and send their accumulated knowledge back to India. While most of us saw the Indian families acquiring and running tiny motels, these were actually their base campuses for wisdom gathering. Here, hard work, humble service, and needs were assessed for their next generation.

Networking with their homeland families the Wisdom Campuses (modest motel family training) processed and educated a follow-on generation of Indian educated doctors. The Indian doctors represent a salient event to both spiritual broadening of mainstream Christianity and a follow on natural healing integration referred to still as "alternative medicine."  US hospitals started hiring Indian doctors in droves at first for its competitive labor cost and with it also, came influential, doctoral level, eastern spiritual beliefs introduced 70 to 80 years earlier through the enchanting Vivekananda. Their influence in US hospitals brought natural-healing and spiritual awakening in combination into western medicine slowly learning to work with their scientific allopathic brothers. The term "awakening"  is a loaded term. Many Christian's remain unaware that the Hindu beliefs and Christian beliefs share fundamental truths separated by language. Science and natural healing established a foothold in western medicine. Indian doctors support the scientific observation but hold slightly different perspectives on how to apply treatment and how to prepare one's own mind and body for self-healing. Hospitals now are on the cusp of evolving into healing temples for those who choose alternatives. 

Today mainstream hospitals offer the patient meditation tapes and alternative medicine (natural and holistic). This hospital protocol shift is offered because solid observational experience sees it does no harm and works, thus it mixes back into our western churches through surviving patients and is now serving as a catalyst in Christianity's age of re-awakening. While I dislike the loaded term awakening, I use the term awakening respectfully as my personal code sees no ranking among souls, a sense of humility for all workers of the light, an acceptance of the dark forces, that together compose the greater mystery. I can only sit and smile in wonderment following where the heart leads...my personal code of authenticity of self. In QHHT sessions (of which this article is a sub-component) I often see life-long held scientific and/or religious perspectives and belief systems shift instantaneously during past life hypnosis, many as L.A,'s Commander of Police Detectives, Bob Snow's experience. For a Christian, a QHHT session can be similar perhaps to being with Mary Magdalene as she enter's Christ's tomb; truth is revealed. On a deeper level, we don't seem to be, who we think we are.  The key point I am offering is that hospitals are slowly changing the churches in a looped cycle where the church looks deeper into spirituality, acquiesces to its congregational attitudes and incrementally expands spiritual tolerance within church hierarchy as a result of the shifting congregational attitudes and spiritual growth. Our western language and our religious belief systems are noticeably morphing. New words and phrases like meditation (mindfulness-contemplative), Akashic (intuitive), as above - so below, mandala, mantra, even "chakra"... all appear interchangeable in our in-church conversations sometimes haltingly yet present nonetheless in our Christian mainstream churches. Ex-communication is a Beta-consciousness level impulse of the egoic, controlling monkey-mind, seen as forgivably barbaric to the awakened mind. Morphing of the congregation into something new, is inevitable.   


Look now at the revisionism (actually more of a guided recapture of early lost Christian and pre-Christian beliefs) under way in recasting our relationship with God. The west  after all has its own derivative of gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries), the eastern non-dualist Wisdom introduced in the west as Transcendental Meditation (1960's - 1970's), a follow-on to Vivekananda... a subject seldom taught in church or Bible Study.  See now, how non-dualistic experience and beliefs now hold a western Christianized narrative:  "

As Lay Cistercian and teacher Carl McColman puts it:  

"God is in us, because we are in Christ. As members of the mystical body, Christians actually partake in the divine nature of the Trinity. We do not merely watch the dance, we dance the dance. We join hands with Christ and the Spirit flows through us and between us and our feet move always in the loving embrace of the Father. In that we are members of the mystical body of Christ, we see the joyful love of the Father through the eyes of the Son. And with every breath, we breathe the Holy Spirit." ... from the writings of the good Fr. Richard Rohr, CAC 

Or, this by Fr. Richard Rohr:

"There is one God and Creator of all, who is over all, who works through all, and is within all. —Ephesians 4:6

"Bonaventure took Francis of Assisi’s lay intuitive genius and spelled it out in an entire philosophy and theology. He wrote: “The magnitude of things . . . clearly manifests . . . the wisdom and goodness of the triune God, who by power, presence and essence exists uncircumscribed in all things.” [1] God is “within all things but not enclosed; outside all things, but not excluded; above all things, but not aloof; below all things, but not debased.” [2] Bonaventure spoke of God as one “whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” [3] Therefore the origin, magnitude, multitude, beauty, fullness, activity, and order of all created things are the very “footprints” and “fingerprints” (vestigia) of God. Now that is quite a lovely and very safe universe to live in. Welcome home. " 

Or this, again, by Fr. Richard Rohr:

"We made Christ into Jesus’ last name instead of realizing it was the description of his universal role in history and potentially in all world religions. I fully believe that there has never been a single soul that was not possessed by the Eternal Christ, even in the ages before the incarnation of Jesus."

Or this...

"Divine Incarnation took the form of an Indwelling Presence in every human soul and surely all creatures in some rudimentary way."

Or, Cynthia Bourgeault:

"Ternary metaphysics shift us away from the comfortable and static dualistic operating system that we’ve grown accustomed to using—with its corresponding polarities of in/out, right/wrong, matter/spirit—and places our reality into forward drive and dynamism. In a ternary system, in place of paired opposites, the interplay of the two polarities calls forth a third, which is the “mediating” or “reconciling” principle between them. The crucial part of a ternary system, and what sets it apart, is that it mediates creativity."

"...we see the joyful love of the Father through the eyes of the Son..." opens the Christian to experiential meaning, and I would respectfully offer that this is a free will choice and energy immersion of the self into the being of Christ (Christ Consciousness, the Cosmic Christ, the Eternal Christ, Etheric Christ are all the same meaning) resident in your higher self found within you and means the same thing as "The Law of One" (Christian^+ Theta Consciousness-Level Gnosis) or "The Law of Three" (Christian Beta Consciousness-Level) intended to mean "you and the Son are one," an important evolutionary-restatement of a lost Christian truth and spiritual narrative. The Cosmic Christ has been all too long moved out of Christianity by organized religion and is now coming home. Our Beta level consciousness - our ego monkey-minds (next thing - control, next thing - control, next thing - control, next thing - control) actively always jumping from control to control, runs on fear of change, while we rationalize our active control of everyone else's thinking as "love." Organized Religion has always separated you from the Godly (the heavy timber and studded-bolt rusty door between Beta mind and Theta mind), dissuading your entry to the Godly aspects of the Eternal Christ which you are made of. In the meantime our higher theta-consciousness level gnosis is a dialogue with our higher self and inner access to universal truth. We are awakening to this inner aspect of ourselves. Thought, attitude and life style control wellness and reprogram DNA. At this level of theta-consciousness we are the observers of ourselves and love holds a broader meaning. It is indeed in theta level consciousness where healing takes place during QHHT, of which this article is a sub-component. 

The significance of all my observations is that both perspectives are wonderfully correct and non-separable. The difference being only in the consciousness-level of examination and the direction of observation. When one reads "The Law of One", there the observation is from a slightly more advanced group consciousness of RA viewing and expressing God..."all is one", being the "Law of One." This Theta Consciousness view includes aspects of a triune God. On the other hand, when viewed from a human perspective, we see a triune God, as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The point being, the Albert Einstein dilemma is in play ... that the definition of God can not adequately encompass God from the level of Consciousness that conceives the idea of God. One would first perhaps have to have at least the full consciousness of God. Even the higher consciousness of 6th dimensional Group Consciousness of RA advise they too can not define the great mystery. Thus when viewed from a human perspective, we see a triune God, as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. But now, from the quotes being offered in the above examples of "revisionism" the Son of the Trinity and all other humans are the same.  This is the important shift moving us back to an original lost understanding of "triune" aspects of God, a revision which is occurring right now in world Christian religion   God is within you. Welcome home.

The revisionism (actually more of a guided recapture of early lost Christian and pre-Christian beliefs) now underway in 2017 seems to be transitioning through a moment of what I respectfully call "Christian hierarchy-fed belief system paranoia." This experience within the heirarchy of the faith is understandable cognitive dissonance. We Christians (of which I consider myself to be) see, experience, know, even say one thing, and then immediately call it something else. We experience in our Beta and Alpha consciousness monkey-minds a miraculous event and retreat to our comfort zone accusing ourselves of evil doing where religious hierarchy can once again relax. Miracles have no order of magnitude; they are all the same. They happen every day. You are born with this inheritance. When applied to healing, a QHHT practitioner guides you to heal yourself. The healing starts when a conversation with your higher self is reached. For lack of a better name we call your higher self, the Subconscious. I have come to believe this Christian hierarchy-fed belief system paranoia is simply part of the awakening process. Here's an example of cognitive dissonance retreat.

Here's an example:....

"When Jesus talks about Oneness, he is not speaking in an Eastern sense about an equivalency of being, such that I am in and of myself divine. Rather, what he has in mind is a complete, mutual indwelling: I am in God, God is in you, you are in God, we are in each other." 

Relax. It's okay. You are right, "I am in God, God is in you, you are in God, we are in each other.  No one is taking away our beautiful religion from us, good hearts. The Awakening (with a capital "A") is simply a shift in consciousness and thus a shift in perspective. You have been told for 1700 years, throughout post Council of Nicaea, by organized religion that the divine is not indwelling within you and you are not divine. Under penalty of death and eternal damnation you must accept you are not a spark of the divine...experience to the contrary notwithstanding. What the Eastern mystic is humbly, lovingly and patiently pointing out, is simply that the mystic in all societies western and eastern knows that Jesus really meant what Jesus really said. Organized religion has always separated us from the Godly, even the Godly aspects of the Eternal Christ which you are made of. The Albert Einstein dilemma is in play ... that the definition of God can not adequately encompass God from the level of Consciousness that conceives the idea of God.

Both points of view of the East and West are the same and valid. I choose to recognize this compatibility. The difference in the interpretations are merely the level of consciousness of the viewer. Organized religion's hierarchy will probably be the last to Awaken, well after their congregations. It's all quite understandable. The Bible does not need to be rewritten. The Lost Gospels do need to be studied. 

Protestant "Contemplative" practices, heretofore nonexistent in the main, are now being "re-discovered" with cross-training harking back to early Catholic Saints where apparently the mystical knowledge was resident all along. Who knew? Yet, Protestant and Catholic humility needed to identify the roots of Christ's own youthful training in the Eastern Wisdom Schools in the Essene community of Qumran, runs cross-purpose still to organized religion's hierarchy. When the practices of the medicineless hospitals in China are given serious notice in the US, healing modalities will enter a new age, not The New Age, simply "a new age." 

It is as though mainstream religion senses we are now inside something big, a change is upon us, and we must start to understand.  As we believe, so our realities manifest themselves. You are John 14 -12. Welcome home.

In the meantime Communist Stalinist Russia had developed its own 4th column socio-political activists, suppressed and controlled Christians. Russia's Christians lived through a level of Cold War suppression unknown in the West since the Salem Witch Trials... and Russian society contained a high quotient of mystics with teachings reaching back thousands of years tied to the Indus Valley seat of the world's oldest written Sand Script spiritual records (Influence rooted in the very homeland of Vivekananda, loving disciple of Indian mystic Ramakrishna).

The Russian-influenced mystical component (symbolically represented by The First Lady) again re-emerges and marries now the US President who himself was raised in a church who's pastor preached Christ love coupled with the power of positive thinking...a minor but important element of spiritual gratitude and universal love and abundance....in short, a mixture of charismatic magic sanctified by The Holy Spirit.

We now stand on a another frontier of merging science with spirituality.... in yet another step forward in the awakening process. As Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, serious cellular research biologist, founder of the Epigenetics Thesis, that "thought, attitude and life style" control wellness and reprogram DNA". In other words you are not condemned to cancer because mom and dad had cancer. Some call this frontier the field unification theory of the universe, others just call it The Path.... a living universe of consciousness were all things are possible and some things are lasting. One of the most interesting researchers practicing the blending of consciousness with science is the Keshe Foundation. My words about Keshe fail to express his amazing personal commitment to truth. To build your inner motivation to watch such a long video, watch a couple of minutes starting at 1-hr 23-min into this the linked Keshe Foundation video. You will see a shockingly horrifying female breast tumor and then the tumor gone and the breast healing and getting ready for reconstructive breast surgery. You may then have motivation to invest your precious time to watch the video from beginning to end. This long video by Dr Keshe illustrates the wonders we QHHT regression hypnotists see when we reach the client's Subconscious. The Subconscious seems to have the ability to arrange for the exact correct healing energy to enter through you for self healing. You probably have to see it to believe it.

"Natural Healing" is more than holistic in 2017, it is an opening of self in the realm of creativeness, in looking within for communication with your inner higher self (Subconscious self). Big pharma and allopathic medicine are about to evolve in ways we can not imagine and it will have a natural-magical component that our heirs will understand how to tap at their free will option... in short, a mixture of charismatic magic sanctified by The Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness found within you. Do we care what name this all goes by? I find in my work in QHHT this inner power does not care what you call it. It is what it is. Let's use it with love and gratitude.

The distracting beauty of the First Lady as she comments on "relying on nature" for cures holds a double meaning. This statement also has far reaching meaning that rises above the object of scorn that her beauty must somehow always imply narcissistic superficial materialism. Her statement's true meaning is found in a blending of the Christ within each of us and our natural inner ability to self-heal. That we perceive the First Lady herself may not yet realize (or does she?) the importance this double meaning will play in our lives is irrelevant, as we all too play our ill-informed roles with limited understanding.

There is a universe of love and it eventually overwhelms fear, hate, and misunderstanding in our collective Awakening IMHO. "You and the Son of the Trinity are one," Look inward for The Law of One. Welcome home.  http://tinyurl.com/zurj57p 💟