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Every property has it's own story. I try to help you know the story behind the property to enable you to plan the most likely to succeed purchase strategy. It's not fun to over-bid so I work to bring you to a level of confidence to win. In a rising market that makes everyone look smart. In a dropping market, it makes everyone look foolish. When to over bid and when not to over bid is a most intensive process requiring we work closely together on the successful purchase effort.

If you have not been in the housing market for a couple of decades, as many have not, the protocols of buying have changed. It's not enough to write a contract and then proceed to demonstrate your creditworthiness. As a minimum today, successful buyers are tasked by the prevailing conditions in the market place to:

  1. provide evidence of credit worthiness from a reputable lender/loan broker along with their offer,
  2. produce evidence of cash available to make the purchase,
  3. submit the best offer.