Nothing is actually required to prepare yourself for your session. Here are ideas to try. I feel they are helpful. 

I usually forget to bless the water I drink.  I've felt for some while, that when you make contact with water in the natural state, like wading through a stream, playing at the beach, even standing in your backyard on damp soil, that there is an instant communication among you and the Earth and all things. Just Google "Water Memory" and you will be amazed to find the large number of scientific experiments in water memory.  Perhaps the video linked above will stimulate your own positive responses. There is a form of communication occurring. It’s called “water clusters”, a form of water memory.


The day before your session, do this.  Find visualizations and vocalizations about water that generate subjective, qualitative, positive feelings.  Experiment and find just a few words to express positive feelings towards the water.


It's natural and easy to like pure clean water.  Allow yourself to just flow with this positive feeling towards the water. A visualization I've learned from others seems to work for me.  As you hold a glass of water you are about to drink, visualize healing love-energy* swirling like a vortex in the water. Then drink it. 


"Bless this water. I love this water" 

"Bless all the water. I love water."

"I feel love for all the water throughout my body" 


Visualize love energy flowing throughout all the water in your body. 

Feel the energy flowing throughout your body, area by area, inside and outside your body several feet.

Visualize and feel healing energy and love energy in the water throughout your body.


What you have just achieved is to bypass the sense of unworthiness. Many of us simply can not "love ourselves" without conditions conjuring up all our failures. We sense a feeling of humility must be present, and so it does. We have been taught we are imperfect and therefore it's narcisstic, arrogant and sinful to "love ourselves." We have been taught we are unworthy in so many ways.  Perhaps instead, we misunderstand the spiritual-religious mandate that has become such a cliche, used by so many spiritual teachers, "You must relearn to love yourself, forgive yourself and forgive and love your enemy." So bear with me as I explore a different path.

ALTERNATIVELY, you will find you have little problem loving the water throughout your body. It's more than a play on words. It's focusing on the first line of health maintenance for your body. 

We have just devised through the above process, a starting point for a different form of self love. Love the water.  When you love the water, it physically alters the water's "clusters" (learn about clusters in above video). Your expressed love energy actually creates non-harmful, probably beneficial, "water cluster memories." These water memories apparently matter. So allow yourself to start here with your self-healing journey. Love the water. Start with the water. Improved health leads to a sense of gratitude from which forgiveness can take root. The goal is to regain a sense of daily gratitude, focus, and confidence to live back in our world.

This process seems to be a calm, spiritual, thoughtful way repeated several times throughout the prior day, to prepare yourself for your QHHT session. Just engage the process when you drink water. No big deal, or maybe it is.

Other things you can do, but do not have to do, to prepare for your QHHT session:

  • Go for short walks in areas you feel safe.
  • Exercise using your normal routines.
  • Meditate if you have a practice you've already learned.
  • Practice your established religious-spiritual traditions such as attending services and calls to prayer.  
  • Drink an extra half glass of water the day before and again on the morning of your QHHT session.
  • What about drugs and medicines? We work with you the way you walk through our office door. We do not have medical training and so we do not personally offer you advice. What you will find however, sometimes when you are in deep trance your own Subconscious voice will speak quite profoundly on the subject of drugs and/or medicines you may be taking. It's probably wise to then take the information received and discuss it with your doctor. We record your session for you digitally so you can recall and review details later.
  • Explore your feelings when you think on "forgiveness." Forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others.


*   Love Energy is whatever you say it is as long as you feel it. Whatever color or colors you choose, or no color at all; whatever love-feeling you conjure up with it, then that's what love energy is.

**  The water blessing seems to induce pleasant dreams in multiple clusters during regular sleep.

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