Pamela Aaralyn is quite unique. She is delivering new perspectives to us QHHT regression hypnosis practitioners, coming in directly from Dolores Cannon. This video is worth watching all the way through IMHO.

The message Dolores Cannon is spreading to her students (apparently) is to work with clients for lighter therapy as well as deep trance somnambulistic states and to experiment more with our techniques. Our training from Dolores was centered on moving you always to deep Somnambulistic trance. She is literally revising her teachings somewhat, instructing us from the other side of the veil through gifted adepts such as Pamela Aaralyn.

This timely message arrived at a critical time for me personally, since as a newbie in the training process as I am, I was seeing 2/5's of my clients going directly to a beautiful state of somnambulistic trance and 3/5's going into lighter trance.

My instincts however are telling me I am seeing important work being accomplished also in the lighter levels of trance and for me to work in stages.  So I have been adopting new guide techniques to induct in stages, and focus on working effectively for whatever level your subconscious chooses.

It seems perfectly logical that one's subconscious needs to grow accustom to being spoken to directly. This brilliant, genius-child within each of us (your subconscious) has never spoken to a stranger, in all it's eon's of existence. It has no sense of time and no idea what body it is currently inhabiting...and it is going to act to protect you always as its primary function, which it is very good at doing. It's quite like rescuing a puppy off the streets. I may have to encourage it with love and respect, a little at a time, to come out of it's hiding place. At each level important work is being accomplished.

I gladly give you as many sessions as you choose for as long as you choose. There is no charge for this work and probably won't be for years to come. Please remember as you watch this beautiful soul, Pamela Aaralyn, being interviewed by an experienced QHHT practitioner that I'm not a psychic. I just love helping and see the QHHT technique as miraculous.


Rich Buckley,

Livermore, Ca