I found this exquisit photo on line on the Facebook Page of the Independent Newspaper. I do not know who to whom I should credit this magnificent photo. If you should know please email me at richbuckley7@gmail.com. I'm not able to accurately locate where this beautiful picture was taken. I thought at first it looked like Mt. Tamalpais on the far north (right side skyline) and San Bruno Mt. on the south (left side skyline) with low cloud cover over the SF Bay Area. If you think you know where this picture was actually taken, email me please and tell me.

This is the way my Livermore Valley looks at harvest season in any event. Last night in fact was the Harvest Moon. We are the oldest wine area in California. I believe the lands in this picture were originally part of the "Bernal Land Grant" from the Queen Spain to one of her soldiers. It's located a half days ride by horseback over the hills just east of Mission San Jose. There are properties like this for sale if you are prepared to drop some serious change:

Harvest Season Livermore, CA