This extract from Chapter 24 "The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge," by Dolores Cannon ... Fair Use Example: I picked this extract from a larger actual Case Study from thousands of Dolores Cannon cases from her 20 books, all of which I have read and studied, because of the many benefits delivered to Betsy ("B" in the following materials). Betsy is in deep somnambulistic trance. If you listened to retired LA Commander of Police Detective, Bob Snow, explain his past life regression session, Bob was not seeking relief from any ailment or problem. Betsy, on the other hand, is seeking relief and Dolores calls forth Betsy's Subconsious where relief work is done under our Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  Betsy was a volunteer at a training class Dolores Cannon was holding a few years back. Betsy was placed into deep trance on a bed arranged on the stage surrounded by the other students.

Note all the work going on with the Subconscious. D: is Dolores Cannon, B: is Client Betsy:

I decided it was time to ask about the healing of her body. Betsy had many physical problems and symptoms. She was in constant pain that had been escalating over the past forty years and she was on heavy pain medications. The pain was over most of her body as she had problems with her back (scoliosis and degenerating disks), her pelvis (rotated and damaged floor), hips, knees, ankles, wrists and shoulder blades. She had severe allergies and had been having breathing difficulties since childhood. In addition to these issues, Betsy also had high blood pressure and problems with her eyes and she was on numerous medications. I thought it best to have the SC do a body scan since there were so many health issues.

B: She needs this body to be healed. She has wanted it for so long. She didn’t know how to come to me. I think that she couldn’t make the contact to the fuddled brain through the drugs. We tried. We tried to reach her when she was begging and asking, but she couldn’t make the connection. There was nothing we could do. The drugs were definitely definitely in the way of the light we wanted to send, which could have saved her, could have healed her right on the spot.

D: But now in this state you can help her, can’t you?

B: She can be helped and we want to do this. We have wanted it for a long time, so let’s get on with it.

D: She won’t be able to resist you.

B: Oh, yes, we have her right where we want her. We are going to do a big scan from top to bottom and see what’s there.

D: I call it a body scan.

B: Oh, of course. And we’ll just let the light go from the top to the bottom and then we’ll find out where we missed. We have a technique we want to bring in. The technique of light that will be the new way of healing in the New Age. The Space Brothers have it, you know.

D: I didn’t know that.

B: Everything is of light. Everything is light. We just have to learn how to focus it. –We are going to start with the top of the head. We’re going to stop for a considerable time and work on the brain. We’re going to take the light and pull the light through every molecule in her brain and get all that toxicity out. That stuff makes her brain unclear.

With other clients the SC has many times said they were rewiring the brain. This could be how they do it. I always ask them to explain how they are doing the healing because I am curious, and it is good for the client to hear the process on the recording.

B: I don’t have to concentrate. I have this instrument at this time, an instrument that opens this light energy. And it’s capable of breaking through the frequencies necessary to balance them with light. It’s quite difficult to explain to you, but here it is.

They then moved on to her chest cavity and they were appalled by what her allergies and the drugs had done. “You wouldn’t believe. This Las Vegas (where Betsy lived) is not good for her. She needs to leave as soon as her mother makes transition. We’ve got to have her out of there. Her body is sensitive, mostly because she spent so much time on another planet. There are two ways we can do this. We can make her body not react to the allergies, which is my preferred way, so she can go anywhere. Or we can make her not allergic to the allergies she experiences in a certain place if she wants to just stay there.”

D: You do it the way you prefer to do it.

B: Well, I’d like to just get rid of ALL of it. You know, it took us so long to get her here, let’s do it right! (Laugh)

D: You do it the way you want to do it. You’re the boss. (Laugh)

They also mentioned that the nasal spray drug she was taking was creating a problem with a rebound reaction. They repaired the damage, but she would have to be patient as the nose learned to breathe without it. They then moved on to her liver/ kidney where they saw congestion and they proceeded to do a detox. They then moved to the pelvis area.

B: She’s had two surgeries and we have to tear out all that. This part is not easy. The doctors messed the surgeries up. And she would be moving toward a life of misery and perhaps incontinence. Surgery is so archaic and primitive. My goodness!

D: They want to operate again.

B: No, absolutely nonsense. This is so easy. They then worked on all the joints and repaired them. “There is a tingling sensation now. I’m sure she can feel it.” A problem with her pineal gland had caused trouble sleeping, and she was taking medication for that also. The SC definitely wanted her to get off all of the drugs. She had also been taking drugs for depression, but they also fixed that without being asked to do so. “We handled that. She’s all right now. It came from all those lives of being held back as a woman. You know women have a terrible time with karma, the collective whole. They have accumulated so much. You’re bound to get depressed after a while. She absolutely carried that into this life, and then no love from the father compounded it. So there, we’ve done that and balanced that. Now we have to do the back.” Betsy’s back was the main problem she wanted to address, but they felt they had to fix everything else first. Now we could go to her back and help that. Betsy had been born with a curvature of the spine.

B: It started out when she was a woman in Africa carrying around those baskets. Being born in a time when women did carry heavy things. It began there and so it was continued on in various lives. There were accidents and wars where she was broken. She broke her back in a war and they didn’t have ways of patching that in those days, so she carried that forward as a memory.

D: She doesn’t need it now.

B: No, she doesn’t need it. She’s going to be shocked when she can stand up straight. She’ll love it. She is wondering if she will feel any of this. She’s feeling something happening. It is the alignment. We will continue. This back thing is not an easy thing. We’re trying to get her off this medication, so we don’t want it to take very long. Maybe we just want to heal it right now. She wouldn’t have the pain without this straightening of the back right away. Yes, the pain is going to be gone. We would prefer to do the straightening over several months only because it is hard for us. It is a lot of work.

D: I know what you can do.

B: Yes, I know you do. (Both laughed.) Well, let me see.

D: Whatever you think is most appropriate.

B: Well, I think it would be very good for Betsy if she could really see a miracle. (Pause)

D: So what are you doing?

B: I’m gazing at a triangle and fixing her back at the same time. The pelvis is rotated so it takes it awhile to rebalance. To readapt the balance of the neck, the shoulders, the whole works. I think we’ve accomplished miracles today. She’ll be surprised and she won’t need the meds as much, if any at all. She really needs to see her doctor though to go off them slowly. It won’t be difficult, though. That is the main thing. There won’t be any more pain and all the withdrawal symptoms that you usually experience. The body will just get used to not having that drug in it. I’m trying to say there won’t be any pain, sick to the stomach maybe. I think it’s enough. We will continue continue on. It will continue on even though I am not here, so if you wish the rest you may finish.

D: Well, you know we have a class, don’t you?

B: Oh, yes, that’s right.

D: And this is very important for them to learn this, isn’t it?

B: I hope we have been instructive. I hope they have learned a thing or two.

D: We want to teach them. They can do it themselves.

B: Yes, we would be so happy to work with them as healers. Yes, the world needs more, so let it be.

D: Get away from surgery.

B: Oh, my! Don’t even mention the word. (Both laughed.) We have removed all the discomfort from the back. That is so! I’ve done a great deal today but during sleep we’ll even assist more. There will be more of a release of the discs as she sleeps. We do a lot of the work on the back in sleep time because it is so sensitive. The whole system, the whole spinal fluid, cerebral spinal situation is in the back.

D: Then you have the conscious mind out of the way so you can work without interference.

B: Yes, it’s so good.

D: You said it would take several months to complete the straightening?

B: I don’t think it’s going to take that long now because I worked on her. Thank you for allowing me more time. I think she’ll be surprised. She’ll notice a difference.

D: Wonderful! Then she’ll believe it!

B: That’s what we want. Belief is very important, and she has a particular problem with all of this, you know, the esoteric approach. Believe only what you yourself really believe, not because someone told you. It has to be something that you know. She will be a new person.

D: She was ready to leave, and it’s not time, is it?

B: No, it’s just beginning.

Parting message: She’s worried so much that she hasn’t done a good job. She’s so worried and has to do this and do that, and she’s worried about the “other” side that we’re going to be disappointed in her. No, she’s doing a fine job. Everything is just fine. She needs to quit the guilt and know that we love her. I will unconditionally. She can do no wrong and we should have more like her. She is doing her part in the great plan. She is listening to her higher self and fulfilling her purpose in life.

When Betsy awakened and got off the bed, she was amazed that she had no pain. She also noticed immediately that she was standing straighter. Later she was sitting on the floor doing yoga positions, as the students watched. She laughed as she said she had not been able to do those in many years.

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