- Election Crisis EXPLODES
- Homeland Security indictment of Hillary for TREASON
- It's ALL Coming Out - Abject Evil Exposed and Challenged
Article with SEVEN videos at: 'Election Crisis EXPLODES' - Part Two of The New Republic Reboots the Original

The Western hemisphere media cabal is loathe to report this. They are out of touch with the new 'Net reality' whereby billions of online Netizens worldwide are watching breaking news of an actual COUP and COUNTER-COUP going on in the Fed-gov Deep State – see Part OneThe New Republic Reboots the Original


This massive SCANDAL is virtually an OPEN DRAMA of 'white hats' (good guys) who are challenging the 'black hats' in the Deep State of massive Fed-gov organizational over-reach.

Shocking updates at: Election Crisis EXPLODES'. Warning: If your brain isn't already numb from the cognitive dissonance of this election, the dramatic SHIFT NOW may stun your 'normalcy bias' whereby fear of the unknown resists change from old ways of thinking, even if for the better!
This drama looks like a systemic powershift away from those who have been corrupted by self-serving betrayal of the Constitution. It looks like a powershift towards support of those who champion a Constitutional Republic of, by and for ALL people - our new Net reality.

Appearances can be deceptive, but the massive Deep State disinformation and deception since 9-11 is now disintegrating - thanks to the Internet - yet questions remain like who do you trust for truth anymore?

It's a GLOBAL issue now - our new Net reality. The Whole Truth is outing the Big Lie. Reconciliation begins with open truth-telling. The Internet is forcing the issue with exposure of both corruption and the Emerging Blueprint for correction - a CHOICE.

Geopolitical and economic RESET is the DESTINY of the Family of Mankind in our new all-connected global village.

The Whole Truth merely wants to be transparent and freely open to all.

For more than a century, US Fed-gov has strayed from the first principles of the Constitutional Republic. Because of the Internet, the whole world now knows about this betrayal. With the Internet, the White Hats are raising the flag for openness and transparency along with Assange and Wikileaks. 
Self-correction is in process. Disruption of corruption goes with the territory. The white hats are taking over. The public should know HOW and WHY… to support TRUTH and “atONEment” (reconciliation).
This 'New American Revolution' was foreordained for this time. But the future is fuzzy for those who are clueless to theEmerging Blueprint - how it's ALL in divine order... what we can do to culture that order... and how LOVE wins in the end.

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~ Christopher 
   Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age