PTSD - A Different Treatment Approach                                          We use regression hypnosis to guide the client with PTSD symptoms to encounter their own inner fix-it switch in a state of deep somnambulistic trance. It’s a simplistic approach that utilizes your brain’s neural plasticity. In this state you are able to visit your past in a calm, relaxed, and curious manner and bring the immense inner ability of internal inherent creativity to reintegrate parts of the brain that trauma severed. Trauma hard-wires a reaction in you that you have no control over.  When you enter somnambulistic state of hypnosis, your sub conscious self seems to automatically do for you, what PTSD-trauma prevents you consciously from doing for yourself. You can revisit your history calmly and rewire your own brain. I simply refer to this phenomenon as finding your own fix-it switch. 

Chances are you've been diagnosed by your VA doctor telling you that you're experiencing PTSD, if not, here's how to recognize PTSD incursion into your life according to the VA. You can overcome PTSD. It takes daily effort. There are even several good techniques to relieve flashbacks under traditional approaches. We are not traditional here. What we provide you through hypnosis currently falls under "recreational" treatment and is not the formal protocols used by VA. However, hypnosis is slowly being recognized by doctors as useful in mitigating PTSD. So when you visit our office, you are off the medical reservation - so to speak, in recreation land. We are not medically trained. We are trained hypnotists. There are no guarantees here. The service is free of charge. And here's a good book (PTSD Recovery by David Craft) with many self-help techniques. You can download this Audio e-book free currently if you tell Amazon you want to "try out" Audio Books on the order page on a trial basis. As far as allopathic medical treatments go, the best breakthrough for Veterans suffering from PTSD is still in trials with the VA but, it's a breakthrough with no known side effects as of this writing July 4, 2019: Stellate Ganglion Block  As of July 4, 2019 only a tiny fraction of VA facilities offer Stellate Ganglion Block treatments. 

"Regarding Stellate Ganglion Block:  The reviewers found that “There is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against… stellate ganglion block (SGB)…”  (page 65) 

"So, in short, in spite of anecdotal evidence that it is helpful to some people, there is currently insufficient evidence to recommend it as a primary treatment for PTSD.  Typically multiple well-controlled randomized clinical trials are needed to determine if a treatment can be recommended and we look forward to seeing the results of the study mentioned above. " 

Nonetheless, a 6 month reprieve from PTSD anxieties noted by the doctors interviewed in the 60 minutes recording posted above (the anecdotal evidence) leads me to desperately search for any doctor in the SF Bay Area providing Stellate Ganglion Block treatments, either VA or private practice, to which I can refer you vets. And if you come across one please share the contact with me (  

I work to enable the veteran-client and any non-veteran, to feel connected and received in a setting of understanding without judgement. 

One need not believe in regression (past life) hypnosis to benefit from it. But one does seem to first have to ask to participate in a private session, of their own free will. The asking can be symbolic in nature, such as being simply curious. The mere act of asking seems to open a communication, sort of a "Seek and ye shall find." As long as you can hear through at least one ear, we're good. 

This is my own personal protocol on PTSD Treatment and differs from mainstream hypnosis protocols and creative allopathic psychotherapy.  However, there are important parallels to allopathic treatment. The client is present, socially engaged with the hypnotist, experiencing the onset trigger moment of the trauma experience, and objectively observing as the hypnotist speaks to the client's subconscious directly. Allopathic treatment techniques refer to this as "integration of parts" of the brain. Apparently through deep hypnosis, the center line of the brain's self-awareness centers are reconnecting again with your memory centers and reprogramming new feelings and emotional outcomes through integration of parts. The results seem to be, that through regression hypnosis, I am directly working with the subconscious (unconscious) in direct two-way communication as the client's conscious self objectively watches, but you are doing the self-fixing. I'm just the guide.    

What is PTSD? Please also see "Missing Time" . 

The main difference is my complete reliance on my client's Subconscious wisdom.  The Subconscious can do anything. The Subconscious and/or your awareness in the Between Life State (the afterlife) finds you way more capable than your conscious self. Your Subconscious in this state, seems to have direct contact with positive sources of healing energy. It seems to know exactly what to do, and does it. My hypnosis protocols all strive to reach these deepest levels of hypnotic state for my client, i.e., the somnambulistic level including PTSD mitigation protocols.

Because I am there*, authorized by the voice of your subconscious to speak to it and ask questions, it grants me a hearing that I make the most of while there. When we find the underlying trigger point it dissolves the underlying cause upon explanation and request.  We dissolve the memory and release you from the trauma or emotion. It's that simple. My attitude is maintained in a state of loving, appreciative awe and great respect, while treating your Subconscious as my child in need of loving, gentle guidance. It doesn't have an understanding of "time" and often does not even realize which body you are occupying. It otherwise seems to retain full and vivid memory from incarnation to incarnation usually and it is watching your dream state reality as you experience it. Once the hypnotist is received by your subconscious as trustworthy, it speaks what your conscious self needs to learn.

Every situation is unique and different.  I open myself to seeing PTSD and its associated depression and collateral manifestations as human labels for the same thing - immensely painful spiritual awakening and awareness. They are the natural effects following the cause of ignoring our own emotional guidance system we brought into this world at birth. While that may sound insensitive, it's curable. Perhaps a better way to express it was given by singer-poet, Leonard Cohen, “Everything has a crack in it, and that’s where the light get’s in.” In other words an inner healing gift breaking through to your conscious self from your Subconscious. The PTSD collateral manifestations (ailments) are the cracks of light.  

Allopathic doctors will tell you there is a relationship between stress and ailments. Regression hypnosis practitioners on the other hand have discovered a high correlation between nearly all common ailment specific manifestations and specific life and past life causes. We then have clues on whether the cause is this life or a past life. The clues are surprisingly reliable. I estimate 80% to 90% reliable correlation. 

All Trauma (whether in the past life or in this life) hardwires survival memories (fight or flight) into us. PTSD Trauma hardwires survival memories that replay over and over, day or night, until we induce your Subconscious, while operating in deep somnambulistic trance, to rewire your memory circuits. The Subconscious during somnambulistic state will sometimes strangely report "We are rewiring the brain." I suppose that literally means that every cell memory is purged and the pathway rebuilt, except that you retain knowledge and memory of the event. While you retain the knowledge and memory it no longer causes survival response. You get your life back in a natural, holistic healing without drugs. Sometimes clients come in already taking a regimen of doctor prescribed drugs. I try to just deal with whatever State in which you may arrive at my office and do not attempt to offer anything more but a good meal for you after the session to get you regrounded and alert again.

The conversation might go something like this, for example, with client, John, after being well into the session, near the very end:

Me:       May I speak with John's subconscious please?

Client:  Yes. (client's subconscious replies)

Me:       I respect the power of the subconscious, because I know the subconscious takes care of John's body and does a very good job of it. I also know that the subconscious has the records of everything that has ever happened to John in this lifetime and all the other lifetimes he has ever lived. So I respect the power of the subconscious and I always ask for permission to speak to it and ask questions. Do I have permission to ask questions?

Client:  Yes. (client's subconscious replies)

(After completing other preliminaries in the interim)

Me:      Thank you for the information and perspective you have given John, I know he will appreciate and benefit from knowing this information.

John has been experiencing much discomfort when certain events occur during the day. These  events trigger great stress in John to the point of incapacitation. This causes John to be short-tempered, an inability to focus, unable to remain in the here and now, irritable, have bad dreams, overreact, even experience outbursts of rage, and slip into survival mode and he doesn't know what's causing the trigger points. This can not be beneficial to John's health. Can we help John identify these trigger points and provide a healthy way to eliminate them from his life? (Many variations follow unique to the need) John is home safe now, out of harms way. He no longer needs the constant cellular instruction for combat survival. * Please cleanse cell memory of the constant instructions for combat survival. He is again safe and out of danger and away from harm's way. He does not have to fight or flight. (Here I would enter a a loving conversation with the Subconscious voice emanating  from the client, tailored to the client's unique life experiences triggering the PTSD. This phase would be short and lasting only a few minutes. This conversation is “extremely” important to the success of the session, but is only kept going to the point of obtaining agreement from the Subconscious voice, thanking the voice and wrapping up the session.)  

Client: Yes, We are making repairs now. (client's subconscious replies)

Me:      Wonderful, please tell me what you are doing. What causes this in John? 

Client: Yes, We are re-wiring John's brain. (client's subconscious replies)   

Me:      While we are together this way, please fill John with a warm wave of lasting joy, a new confidence and knowing of mission accomplished, a sense of fulfillment, that he’s ready, willing and able to serve others once more. 

The answers that emerge are always profound and seemingly miraculous. The key to reaching this point is for the client's subconscious to first come to trust talking with me. It sometimes takes more than one session to get here.

You often come to us in a state of personal crisis having tried everything else already that does not seem to work for you and you seek answers now. I have found a technique through QHHT training that sets aside ego and enables direct discussion with the inner truth and love of your higher self, (we call your Subconscious or Higher Self) and it is in working with your inner higher self that relief for you is found. I'm just the guide; you are your own healer.  

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* "The thing that cures a neurosis must be as convincing as the neurosis; and since the latter is only too real, the helpful experience must be of equal reality"... C. G. Jung ... and so it is that somnambulistic level of hypnosis is a full-on reality of experience.


We are willing to coordinate with your allopathic Doctors and admire much of their work in PTSD. The best allopathic treatment under VA trials is Stellate Ganglian Block, SGB, It’s a painless life saver and gives you some breathing room for follow-up with other PTSD protocols:  and here

How art work helped heal actor Jim Carey's broken heart: 

While you are waiting for your session, try this PTSD self cure technique using lucid dreaming:  

Lucid Dreams As A Healing Science.  

My friend Kate MacKinnon in Livermore is a CST professional who works on PTSD.  Here’s a case in Florida as an example. : Kate’s website

It matters if anything I do in hypnosis might fly in the face of science. For me at least I attempt to stay in tune with important PTSD researchers such as Dr. Bessel van de Kolk. If you have the time, this 8 hour audio tape represents much of his work and conclusions to date from over 30 years of his research focused on PTSD.