By Rich Buckley: A True Life Event    


I report this experience to help build confidence in my clients who come to me with missing-time issues, that I am more than a listener and become your dedicated team member to work with you so we understand missing time fully. My research in past life regression, PTSD, and Missing Time, indicates nearly every missing time case involving UFO-alien encounter is actually a positive scenario and not the negative X-File drama we see on t.v. Abductions are different than what they seem and are actually done with your soul level agreement to participate. It is the conscious self that must be lovingly reasoned with to understand. Your higher self, guided with the Spirit and your subconscious, is incorruptible, and it holds the truth for you. Your subconscious knows the higher truth. Most abductions viewed in this deeper soul level, higher self perspective seem to be positive yet can have and often do have associated trauma on the conscious level. So conscious level trauma is nonetheless trauma that hard wires one's cellular response into a negative spiral that regression hypnosis can help unlock. My advice is don't ask me for missing time work as a mere curiosity because once we open this door it will never be closed. Your life will be changed permanently through your discoveries and it may take many years to work through to a restful end point where it all comes together for you and leaves you feeling satisfied. It's okay not to know. Don't go here unless it's really bothering you in some fashion.      

In the 1965 UFO encounter, I flew under and up at their craft to explore it visually and with our weapon system radar. My aircraft was on an unarmed training mission the day of the encounter. Two of us observed, my RIO and I. The assigned RIO was new and temporary for that day only, and I had not learned the nuances of his voice. He seemed shook up. I was objectively ignorant calling it a "probable balloon" and not giving it much thought.

When my aircraft approached their craft, what I know now is they intentionally enabled and allowed this encounter. These advanced energy beings see in multiple dimensions and are able to simply lock on to any creature by its unique original energy frequency. Apparently each one of us carries our own unique signature. 

We closed to within 10-miles before running out of sufficient atmosphere to maintain engine power. They were 11-o'clock high when my aircraft pooped out. They read our minds from our briefing room back in flight planning over 200 miles away in Iwakuni, Japan right through to contact. They mentally read both our thoughts (my thoughts and the RIO's thoughts) and saw we were unarmed and harmless and saw everything else they wanted to know about us. Their security staff (?) read our deepest thoughts as well as our intentions.

They had uncloaked their craft into our 3rd-dimension where our weapons radar picked up their presence as we approached Kagoshima from about 50 to 75 miles away. My RIO's first report to me was a "Contact, 11-o'clock, 18 miles and high. Real high!" There is no such thing as "mere coincidence" in these matters IMHO.

Interestingly we were assigned the area to fly into. "Take a look at the active volcano.".. blah, blah, blah, was assigned to us through higher-ups. If I picked up a contact, our big ground radars and ship board defensive systems would have done the same. I think we were probably sent in as a blind, unbiased probe and I simply failed to report anything out of the ordinary. What's the big deal about a balloon? Who was probing whom?

The beings let me (made me?) think "It's probably a balloon," during the event even as there was no balloon-gondola, just a big silvery circular bottom. It was some while later well after the flight, I did the triangulation math and computed the craft at 3000-foot diameter on its base (plus or minus 500-feet).

The following year a B-52 crew flying a dusk bombing mission into Vietnam encountered a similar craft in what today remains one of the best documented encounters in UFO files. The entire B-52 crew was debriefed; they all saw the craft and took notes. The bomber pilot circled above the craft three times at a much lower altitude, for 15 minutes then proceeded on his bombing mission.

From the alien's perspective, was I being used as an initial modern day test probe outside a threat envelop to the UFO and was the B-52 granted contact at a vulnerable ramming-bombing altitude inside a credible threat envelop (credible at least in the mind of the B-52 Pilot)? Was the US or perhaps even the Earth-human specie being tested as to the predictability of our UFO contact response?

The UFO craft was estimated by the collective input of the B-52 crew to be 2500 feet in diameter with a 28-story observation deck-stack on top forming a smooth bell-shape 28-story bump on top the large 2500 foot diameter disk. The crew saw beings inside looking at the circling bomber. They all looked at each other, they reading our minds and motivations, we staring in curiosity taking notes.

As the UFO departed, the late dusk sky lit up to a mid-day brightness, then settled back down to normal late dusk intensity. It took me years of research to confirm why the sky lit up. Any time anything with mass dimensionally shifts in to or out of our 3rd dimension from a higher dimension (or higher octave), it emits a flash of light energy similar to a shock wave, apparently proportional to its mass ...just like Star Trek. The transition across has a suddenness level that breaches (an octave range like electrons when they jump orbit?). It's not related to vehicle speed, it's related to molecular rate of vibration even if stationary. I don't really understand it fully but non-mass energy bodies slip through the suddenness level (or octave) without making a wake of light. This large craft lit up the entire region as the craft shifted dimensions. This "light emission" detail was retrieved in a Delores Cannon session where the client was placed in deep somnambulistic trance and was then channeling during the deep trance, the consciousness of a "Cet*."

Several scientific revelations have been discovered in this fashion in the past few decades for the benefit of Earth science. Most mainstream scientists are sadly, just kept out of the discovery loop...a state that seems to be changing.

Through 11 years of research, I've found the oldest benefactors of Earth going back nearly 300-million years that focus on enhancing staged development of higher life forms, seem to be the species my Radar Intercept Operator (RIO) and I encountered in 1965 (shown below), based on the description of their large craft parked high in our atmosphere over the Kagoshima Volcano above the southern island of Japan. In Earth History they stepped in once the elementals delivered the petri-dish ready Earth and then they tweaked things for faster growth into higher life. My multi-sourced, cross-confirming research indicates they are correctly depicted visually on the cover of the book "Communion," (I respectfully call them "Communion-Specie or just "Cets*" for Communion E.T.'s, as they have not yet offered us a name we humans can verbalize) shown below, and they function in at least 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions (I might be wrong about the 7th dimension. Earth humans were 3rd dimension as of 30 years ago). A 7th dimensional being has merged into unity of purpose with all other species. Duality ends as beings move into the 6th octave of existence or higher and grow into service-to-other type beings many becoming pure energy-light beings able to function in seemingly magical ways in the management of energy through consciousness.   They control energy through multiple dimensions by thought, they even manifest and drive their space craft through mental powers, somewhat ahead of our Firefox* technologies.

(* Firefox-Must Think In Russian

The "Cets" see us as their Earth children and are very oriented to insuring our well being. This original "Communion-specie" is quite tolerant of us. There are several different species of ET's on Earth. This old Communion-specie has a home planet. They are far from their home planet but do return from time to time. Many of this specie have and raise their families aboard their massive ship. They are not here to colonize. They tweak things like our DNA on rare intervals as a gift to humanity for our development and then wait for us to understand and join them. Their story is now being pieced together and coming out of the shadows for greater popular distribution. Their program here is for our development, not their survival. Other competing species working with humans are desperately working with us (or using us) apparently for their own specie survival. Some species visiting Earth, have 20,000 year life spans. Most live hundreds of years. The "Communion-specie" shown below, live as long as they choose, do not age, and see in multiple dimensions telepathically and reincarnate with purpose. "Dying" for them is referred to as "returning to Source." They literally see into our higher soul essence. They see our thoughts and know our motivations...better than we see and know ourselves. They apparently do not want to be worshiped. They act in ways that encourage humans to always keep our individuated soul integrity. I can't help but respect their attitude.


D: is Dolores Cannon
B: is Dolores's Abductee Client in deep trance:

B: Wherever life is found, whether it's in the millions of species on Earth, or the many, many different types in existence elsewhere, it seems to be a basic common feature of life that each species wants to perpetuate its own. And, as you know from your animal kingdom et cetera, on the Earth, that species will do what they have to do to survive. So this is part of that outreach to survive for some of them. Now there are other agendas as well. There are species who feel they want to create a new species that can understand Earth people, by being part Earth human species, and the other species that genetically are being mixed for these offspring. These offspring will then be able to understand both species: The human Earth species and the other species, and be a more direct go-between. That is very needed. And that's a very big program. So there's the survival program, and there's the go-between or the ambassador program. Some of us refer to that as the friendly ambassador program.

D: The problem is that some humans feel this is a violation, because they feel they have not been consulted.

B: Yes. What they don't realize, and I do appreciate this, is that they are giving agreement. But so often it's not on a level that people recognize in their full conscious waking life.

D: I understand that, because I've heard this before, but it's the ordinary person that doesn't understand it. Bonnie wanted to know, how do you choose the people you work with? Is there a selection process?

B: We do it in various ways. And other groups do it in still different ways. So it's hard to come up with a simplistic answer.

D: These are all very complex questions.

B: Yes, and very good questions, for you to understand more of what you want to know. Some of us work more on that soul essence level that I referred to earlier. We can see through to the soul, the essence, beyond all the layers of overlay and conditioning of the Earth person. Those of us who tend to really look for that, tend to work with the person when the person is simply; although I shouldn't use the word “simply,” because it's all there really is a soul level, a soul essence, before the person has even incarnated into this lifetime. We work with that soul essence before coming into this lifetime. And we have a wonderful telepathic rapport with the person, and with the helpers of the person. We tend to call those “guides,” spirit guides, and refer to the same as “helpers.” We talk with the person. This is all telepathic, but often they have a sense of seeing us in that state of being. We explain what we're doing, and ask if they would cooperate with us in that lifetime they're about to go to. We only work with those individual souls who say, yes, they will and they agree. Now just as with all the other things a person decides in that soul essence experience before coming into an Earth life, they usually do not remember when they're living that life. It's one of the differences between Earth people and some of the other species, like ourselves, for instance. But because we are closer to the essence of who we are and can see into each other in the essence, and can be seen that way by each other, we have much more clarity about our purpose than many, many Earth people do. However, some Earth people do have that sense.

D: I understand, because I've heard this from other people I've worked with. But it's the average person that can't quite grasp it.


Just like Bob Snow (audio posted earlier) the statistician in me was eventually convinced by the weight of the evidence. 

Most missing time issues only resolve themselves fully in the deepest levels of hypnosis. Your conscious-ego self interprets the scenario without full information. Your Subconscious on the other hand, unravels the missing time mystery knowing everything. The true story that then emerges is amazing. Hardly any of us are who we think we are as we live out our conscious rolls in this life. We've seen cases of (a) moving alternate world portals accidently encountered (b) quantum holographic environments created just for you, (c) many cases of perfect mental camouflage where you mentally see one thing which is hiding the other real thing (such as perceiving a large eyed owl while observing a large eyed extraterrestrial being)... most always with loving intent by the beings utilizing these advanced consciousness natural abilities. These reality distortions are provided not to harm you or scare you but to protect your psyche from the normal human reaction to unknown experiences. Your subconscious however is not fooled. It remembers everything that has ever happened to you. There are leakages from your subconscious flowing back into you conscious life that cause all sorts of health issues. We help address those issues by working at your subconscious level. 

My observation throughout these 12 years of research is that life is seeded, not random. Worlds are geoengineered first by advanced agents in a state of timeless consciousness (the elementals), directed purposefully by the highest realms. Evolution occurs but higher life is periodically managed after initial seeding. Our DNA is a mixture of alien components. All life is guided to change, experience and grow. And this is all done with our soul agreement. This is hard to understand but some form of awareness-consciousness exists in all things, even in plants and rocks. Most of us are ancient souls passing though countless life experiences of every imaginable sort on this world and other worlds. Others of us come direct from Source - our soul responds to a call for help when we feel ready to incarnate. These worlds, as is Earth, are great experiments in the interest of constant improvement of all that manifests and incarnate in some form or another. Improvement means more than survivability, it includes eventually awakening into the "Law of One," that "we are all one," a co-creative spark of the Infinite Intelligence. Your life will become awakened to the spiritual sciences in a never ending dedication of love and learning. 


                   Stanley Kubrick 2001

While my goal is your well being and effective healing therapy through regression hypnosis, the wisdom teachings carry silver threads of identical beliefs, which reinforce the successes I see through my work. More importantly perhaps is the element of "time" as we work with time in our world. You often come to us in a state of personal crisis having tried everything else already that does not seem to work for you and you seek answers now. I have found a technique through QHHT training that sets aside ego and enables direct discussion with the inner truth and love of your higher self, and it is in working with your inner higher self that relief for you is found. I'm just the guide; you are your own healer. 

Some species (usually 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimension service-to-self beings) see us as we see animals, to be used. The "Communion-specie", or "Cets," see us as their children to be nurtured into adulthood. I like their approach. 

Once you open this door to missing time retrieval, there is no going back. So choose carefully as your life will change. Many of us who have experienced some form of positive UFO contact know and forgivingly understand the reality of "The Big Lie", as the artificiality of government becomes plyably transparent. A positive way to engage your new state of mind is to become a Personal Ambassador in the leaderless civilian network CSETI forming by the Dr Steven Greer, organization, "SiriusDisclosure.Com." We are global in size and universally multi-dimensional in depth....i.e., apparently not limited in time or distance in instantaneous meditative state  communications and visual contact.   There are no monthly dues only the sharing of information among like minded members who each pursue their own path of ambassadorial contact, mission, and purpose. You can see the global network of members by interactive map here.

The People's Disclosure Movement , by Linda Moulton Howe ... This Video was just released in January 2019 and is perhaps the most relevant to where we find ourselves right now. Linda asks the key question at 1:42:26 in the video, "What do we do, to not have Marshall Law, to not move out of this 2016 node; here's a timeline that is liberating (she points with her two fingers split apart indicating two direction, one good, one bad) and here's a timeline that is a police state, Marshall Law (the bad),...How do we get from this node to Truth (!) and stay on this timeline:...

A Hero's Journey,  by David Adair

James Gilliland CSETI

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Any QHHT trained hypnotist is likely open to working with Missing Time and PTSD. There are a few of us that seek out this sort of work. My own personal encounter with a UFO as a Marine Pilot back in 1965 is probably a motivating factor to work in this area. When I am able to help individuals resolve Missing Time and/or PTSD issues it is personally gratifying to me on a spiritual level.