(1) Personal attention to your needs. 

Clients who work with us enjoy picking up their phone and reaching me directly or by texting at 925-216-4378. It's a small thing but I've found over the past 47 years of selling that clients enjoy that I answer my own phone. It saves everyone time. Our office is easy to find on the corner of “4th” and “L” Streets, Livermore. My office faces the rear of the parking lot in the far back (west end) of the building.


2) Frequent updates as we progress,

We don't try to carry an overload of business. I know of no agent that can remain effectively accessible to all their clients with more than a dozen listings at any given moment. I'm a general broker that works a triad of three principal activities: (A) Residential Sales and Management (B) Commercial - Industrial Sales and Leasing (C) Business Opportunities Sales and Consulting.  I represent both buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords. This is an unusual combination but it keeps me engaged also creatively. Sometimes the more complex a situation is other agents will often refer their client to me because I work with complexities all the time. 


(3) Easy to reach me

Text or call:  925-216-4378. Email richbuckley7@gmail.com   Try it. Leave me a text.


(4) Extensive on line marketing.

My team promotes your listings where they seem to do the most good, certainly far more than just placing it on the multiple listing system of our Bay East Real Estate Board. Our real estate board is a good resource but it may not be the sole answer to marketing your particular property. We drill down to where you get your best results. 


(5) We work with you to get everything ready to execute on your plan.

Using The Market To Your Advantage. Your home price can easily be unrealistic in a home-flipping market, where a majority of comparable sales are often dominated by homes placed in the fully renovated highest and best use condition. It's not uncommon in the moderate price range homes especially, that median prices are dominated with homes that have just enjoyed 15% to 20% of it's sale price, or more, in new capital investment in the comparable properties. This can work for you as well as against you and you need to understand the difference and how it will impact your pricing strategy in all market conditions. Not every seller is able to spend the recommended time and money we want to recommend you spend to get your home looking it's best. We work with you to arrive at what best fits your considered situation. My background in construction (Reserve Status, General Contractor license -CA), site evaluation, and development strategies, (Civil Engineering undergraduate studies and banking joint venture development experience in managing bank liquidation of their real estate owned, REO) offers you an experience-vault with deep reach to bring you to market. 



925-216-4378 TEXT OR CALL   richbuckley7@gmail.com  Email